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A Gringo Guide to Mexican History

9 Oct

“A Gringo Guide to Mexican History” – A 354 page, complete History of Mexico with historic pictures. An easy read to learn the incredible history of the Republic from the Conquest until Today. The places, events, and the characters that played out their roles in one of the bloodiest histories ever recorded. Interspersed throughout are accounts of events taking place in the U.S. and the rest of the world simultaneously to give one a sense of the time. GG-103 – $24.95 plus $19.95 International S&H. Order by email: wjconaway@yahoo.com, or download from Amazon.com; Barnes and Noble.com; Kobo.com; or Google Play for a considerable discount.
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To read all about it, download a copy to your phone, tablet, laptop on Amazon.com, Amazon.com.mx; Barnes and Noble, bn.com; Kobo.com (now includes Sony Readers) and on Google Play
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