“A Gringo Guide to Living in San Miguel de Allende”

9 Jan

Read all about it! Download on Amazon.com, Amazon.com.mx; Barnes and Noble, bn.com; Kobo.com and on Google Play Search William J. Conaway – http://www.williamjconaway.com

“A Gringo Guide to Living in San Miguel de Allende” – A complete 150 page, perfect bound book a guide, and advice for living and enjoying San Miguel de Allende as a resident or a visitor. A fun filled, Cartoon illustrated day-to-day guide with stories chronicling the author’s «Early Years» in San Miguel. Even long-term residents are guaranteed to find information they never knew before, supplied by a 50+ year Bilingual/Bicultural American resident of San Miguel. Download from Amazon.com; Amazon.com.mx; ; Kobo.com; or Google Play for a considerable discount. Just $7.99.

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