“Adventure and Ecotourism in San Miguel de Allende”

3 Jan

Read all about it! Download on Amazon.com, Amazon.com.mx; Barnes and Noble, bn.com; Kobo.com and on Google Play Search William J. Conaway – http://www.williamjconaway.com

“Adventure and Ecotourism in San Miguel de Allende” sites to visit while you’re in San Miguel de Allende with lots of full-color pictures. Includes Horseback riding, ATV Rentals, Hot Air Balloon rides, Mountain bike tours, hiking tours, touring the Botanical Gardens , and the Cañada de La Virgen pyramid. Download from Amazon.com; Amazon.com.mx; Kobo.com; or Google Play (ebooks). Only $6.99 U.S.

Adventure and Ecotourism,Horseback riding.ATV rentals.Hot Air balloon rides,Mountain bike tours,Hiking tours,Botanical Garden,Canada de la Virgen piramids.

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