Walking Tours of San Miguel

22 Jun

To read all about it, download a copy to your phone, tablet, laptop on Amazon.com, Amazon.com.mx; Barnes and Noble, bn.com; Kobo.com (now includes sony Readers) and on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/books/collection/cluster?clp=ogEXChF3aWxsaWFtIGogY29uYXdheRgBMAU%3D:S:ANO1ljLxgls&gsr=ChqiARcKEXdpbGxpYW0gaiBjb25hd2F5GAEwBQ%3D%3D:S:ANO1ljIJkYo&hl=en

“Walking Tours of San Miguel” [de Allende] – A 30 page book of the History, and Step-by-Step instructions for touring this 460 year old Spanish Colonial city, a National Monument. The booklet has a four-color, slick cover suitable for saving as a souvenir, and includes lots full-color pictures. WT-102 – $16.50 Plus $6.95 International Shipping & Handling. Order by email: wjconaway@yahoo.com, or download from Amazon.com Barnes and Noble.comKobo.com; or Google Play for a considerable discount.

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