Living and Writing in Mexico – Present Day

30 May



Looking around this past few weeks at the streets of San Miguel I realized that things haven’t changed all that much in these 52 years. I don’t mean the condition of the buildings and churches, or the condition of the streets and sidewalks. Those things have changed for the better with building restorations, widening of sidewalks, one-way streets in the barrios. I’m talking about the people. The ebb and flow of them. There are many, many more people than in the sixties, of course, but the mass exodus of the month of May continues just as before. People escaping the constant, Damnable Fireworks? Escaping the pre rainy season heat? Returning to homes in the North that finally are having decent weather for a visit?

Whatever the reason, the streets are quiet, traffic jams gone, no crowds of people in the Jardin (I could actually find a seat in the shade (what shade there is after the “gardeners” butchered all the trees). The cloudy afternoons, nature’s practice for the coming rainy season? Then there are the swarms of rug rats in uniform dumped in the centro by  teachers who are out of ideas of what to do with them, and two months to go ’til vacation.

But there are no major holidays during the summer months to upset a schedule. The consideration of vacation destinations occupying our minds filling the otherwise boring, hot days and nights. Our TV programs are on reruns, the networks raking in profits from sponsors advertising to dwindling audiences. Residents trekking to Juan’s for bootleg DVDs, or in desperation to Blockbuster’s. What to do?

There are always the Balnearios. Fairly empty during the weekdays. Most parents working, unable to take the kids until the weekends. A hot water soak on a hot summer day?

Lots of younger people take advantage of the long summer nights, congregating in the Jardin in the evening to find out where the parties are. Partying ’til dawn, and sleeping through the hot days. Not a choice for the oldsters.

So walk your doggies in the mornings, draw your drapes before 11:00 A.M., shut sun filled windows ’til dark, and read a book! Preferably one of mine.

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