San Miguel de Allende, Present Day

24 Sep
Peaceful protester, or demanding Liberal

Peaceful protester, or demanding Liberal

Present Day
Many of the newer San Miguel residents, transplanted Liberalsand their useful idiots, are complaininf again about changes in San Miguel. I guess there’s always something to bitch about. People have to feel that they matter.

The latest is a proposed MacDonalds in the centro. Even though the golden arches and plate glass windows won’t be visible from the street, just a small sign above a door in a colonial façade, they have to gripe about it. Making spectacles of themselves, they march and protest, while the Mexicans point and laugh. Anti capitalists all….

They had the same reaction a couple of years ago when a Starbucks opened, right on the main square. But there it is, and they line up to buy expensive coffee with fancy names.

Personally any new business is welcome, chain store or not, they offer choices and oportunities to aquire or enjoy things previously unseen here in the Mexican provinces not to mention, employment, for lots of locals. These whiners and complainers don’t know how good they have it compared to the old days when we had to travel 80-90 miles for Chinese food, to Celaya almost everyday for any parts, or supplies we needed, or four hours to Mexico City for anything related to our government.

The Mexican authorities don’t quite know what to do about them. It won’t take them long to figure it out though. They took to dragging long haired American hippies in off the street and shaving their heads and deporting them a few years back.

All kinds of businesses behind colonial façades!

All kinds of businesses behind colonial façades!

I remember a list the local authorities had, at one time, listing all the American Legionaires that were to be deported. And they’re not far from deporting a few of the more active protesters to make an example of them when they finally get tired of their antics. It is their country after all, and progress and prosperity after years of backwardness and poverty is always welcome.

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