Present Day

22 Aug

My day begins at 7:00 A.M. every day when I wake up, trudge across the house, and climb the stairs to my office. I love my office. All my toys are there. I flip on the coffee maker, and look out my window at the Parroquia. I search the skies for hot air baloons. I love seeing them in the dawn’s light, diving on the church towers.
Turning on the computer, and tuning in Fox News on the TV, I begin my day by checking Conservative news sites. Business, read that book sales, are way down since the Democrats came to power in the U.S. Everything that happens there effects us down here.
The sunrise is beautiful as always, a little later for me as the sun has to rise over the mountain behind us. And I begin writing on my blog.
New writing projects are on hold because of the economy, the lack of tourism, but everyday I see more and more gringos on the street that I haven’t seen before. I used to be practically the only one in town in the off-season. San Miguel used to be a ghost town the day after Semana Santa, Easter week, and stayed that way until July when the family tourism began. People used to drive down with the whole family to spend the summer. Not anymore. The news media, and their negative reporting about life in Mexico has ruined that.
I remember one winter season when things were going great guns. Barbara Walters did two specials on Mexico City crime. Tourism came to a dead stop. Reservations were cancelled, and it was all over for that year.
Fear, inspired by the news media, is really irrational. People forget about the level of crime in their own cities, they ignore the fact that Mexico City is a four hour bus ride from peaceful San Miguel, and they tend to lump groups of people into categories. I guess its easier than actually doing your own research.

One Response to “Present Day”

  1. Frances Ellsworth (@FranEllsworth) October 14, 2012 at 5:50 PM #

    We have a friend on a LDS church mission in Mexico City. His letters home are glowing in love for the people and the area. Interesting to read your personal accounts of the different areas. Beautiful pictures too.


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